The infinite Megaverse® is filled with magic energy and tears in the fabric of reality. When magic energy came flooding back to Earth it became a world plagued by dimensional anomalies and portals to otherworldly environments. A world where fractures in space and time tear through reality and open doors to supernatural realms, strange dimensions and alien worlds.
From these portals emerge mythical gods and Elemental creatures, hordes of demons and monsters, dragons and creatures of magic, Shadow Beasts and the undead from dimensions of darkness, and aliens from countless places across the Megaverse. The Rifts appear where two or more lines of magic energy intersect to create a nexus point where magic and dimensional forces converge and create tears in reality to countless other worlds, dimensions and realities.
In Rifts®, Earth itself has become an alien landscape where the people, cultures, technologies and madness of countless alien worlds and realities collide with our own. It is a world that has just become part of the bigger Megaverse® and endless adventure.(quote from Palladium)


Unknown to all but a few of the warring factions of earth,a bigger issue is brewing, one that spans the Megaverse and it has finally come home to Earth. Only a small hand picked team can hope to get into the tight trouble spots, while war rages around them. They work partly in secret, partly in the open…. but who is the one pulling their strings and is he/she/it really working for the good of all?


Earth laylines

Dimension Wars